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The Law Office of Family Law Attorney and Divorce Mediation Lawyer William “Bill” Hoy  has been representing Family Law and Spousal Support clients exclusively since 1978. When a couple divorces, one spouse may be ordered to pay spousal support to the other. Depending upon the length of the marriage, spousal support may last until the supporting party either remarries or dies. Family Law Lawyer Bill Hoy also handles post-judgment spousal support modifications, even if he did not obtain the original support order.

If you and your spouse are divorcing and you believe that spousal support may be at issue, contact the Laguna Niguel Law Offices of Spousal Support Lawyer William Hoy at (949) 661-3300 to schedule a free initial consultation. Attorney Bill Hoy has been in practice for 30 years and has handled hundreds of spousal support cases.

Orders for the initial determination of spousal support are
based on a number of factors, including:

    · The length of the marriage
    · The supporting spouse’s ability to pay
    · The supported spouse’s earning ability
    · The health of the parties
    · The ages of the parties
    · The parties’ level of education
    · The lifestyle that the parties have grown accustomed to
    · The sources of income available to each of the parties
    · The extent to which either spouse contributed to the education
         and/or training of the other spouse

When the parties have only been married for a short time, the Family Law Court
may determine that no spousal support should be awarded, or they may order that
spousal support should be paid for a time period equal to or less than the length of the marriage. For long-term marriages, spousal support may be ordered until the supported spouse either remarries or dies.

When issuing an order for spousal support, they will examine the parties’ actual earnings in comparison to their earning ability. Should the court make a determination that either party is deliberately underemployed based upon their work history and education, they may decide to impute income based upon the party’s earning ability. 

If you are getting divorced and have questions regarding spousal support or any other Family Law issue, please fill out our Spousal Support Case Evaluation Form. Laguna Niguel Family Law Attorney and Divorce Mediator William “Bill” Hoy will contact you as soon as he has reviewed your information.

For immediate assistance, call Attorney William Hoy today at (949) 661-3300 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our Law Firm is conveniently located in Laguna Niguel, California.

For immediate assistance, call Attorney Bill Hoy today at (949) 661-3300 to schedule a free initial consultation.  The Law Office of William Hoy is conveniently located in Laguna Niguel, California.

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