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Contact the Law Office of Laguna Niguel Paternity Attorney William “Bill” Hoy if you have questions regarding the establishment of legal paternity (determining a legal father) for your child. Attorney William Hoy has 33 years’ experience helping clients establish or disprove paternity claims, and can answer any question you may have with respect to establishing and enforcing your parental rights.

Paternity Lawyer Bill Hoy has been representing Family Law and Divorce clients exclusively since 1978. Call (949) 661-3300 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Family Law and Paternity Attorney today!

Paternity is automatically established when the parties are married, although a paternity action may be brought if there is any doubt as to parentage. When the parents are unmarried, paternity must be established before the parties can exercise their legal rights to support, custody or visitation. Therefore, it is in both parties’ best interests to establish paternity as soon as possible once the child is born. Failure to either establish or contest paternity in a timely fashion could affect crucial issues such as child support, child custody and child visitation.

If a Declaration of Paternity has been signed and / or there are no disputes between the parties with respect to paternity, the court will issue child support, make a determination of child custody, and grant visitation rights to the non-custodial parent.

Should paternity be contested, DNA testing will be ordered by the court. The results from DNA testing will be deemed conclusive.

If you are an unwed parent and you want to establish or contest paternity, please fill out Paternity Case Evaluation Form. A representative from the Law Office of Laguna Niguel Family Law Lawyer Bill Hoy will contact you as soon as your information has been reviewed. 

For immediate assistance, call Attorney Bill Hoy today at (949) 661-3300 to schedule a free initial consultation.  The Law Office of William Hoy is conveniently located in Laguna Niguel, California.
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