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California Child Support determinations are based on a formula set forth in California’s Uniform Child Support Guidelines. The formula used for setting a child support obligation is extremely complex, and the Courts use computerized programs to set child support.

If you and your partner are divorcing or separating and have children, contact the Law Office of Laguna Niguel Child Support Attorney William “Bill” Hoy at (949) 661-3300 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Laguna Niguel Child Support Lawyer Bill Hoy is a highly experienced Family Law Attorney  and Divorce Mediator.  Mr. Hoy practices Family Law and Divorce Mediation exclusively, and has been representing parties involved in child support disputes since 1978.

Because the formula used to determine child support is confusing and complicated, you need an experienced child support attorney to protect your interests, as well as those of your children. Several factors are taken into account when a child support determination is made, including (but not limited to):

· Other children you or your ex-spouse or partner are legally responsible
      to support
· The cost of child care or day care
· The cost of health insurance
· Your tax filing status, as well as your ex-spouse or partner’s income
     tax filing status
· You and your ex-spouse or partner’s state and federal income tax obligations
· Tax deductions you or your ex-spouse or partner are entitled to take
     on your real property when filing your income tax returns
· The number of children for whom support must be paid
· The percentage of time each party spends with the children.

It is absolutely vital that a party who is either seeking to receive child
support or who will be obligated to pay child support meet with an experienced child support attorney who understands how child support is calculated, and is familiar with the computer software used by the Family Law Courts to determine child support.

Contact Laguna Niguel Child Support Attorney William Hoy  to learn how he can help you either receive what you are entitled to in order to help care for your child, or pay no more than you are legally bound to pay. Attorney Bill Hoy has 33 years’ experience helping clients with the following child support matters:

· Initial determination of child support
· Post-judgment child support modifications based on a change in circumstances
· Determination of child support arrears

If you are getting a divorce or separating and child support will be involved, or if you are seeking a modification of child support, please fill out our Child Support Case Evaluation Form. Laguna Niguel Family Law Attorney and Divorce Mediator William “Bill” Hoy will contact you as soon as he has reviewed your information.

For immediate assistance, call Attorney Bill Hoy today at (949) 661-3300 to schedule a free initial consultation.  The Law Office of William Hoy is conveniently located in Laguna Niguel, California.


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